TCM Aerospace

Suit up and join Team TCM Aerospace!

The Children’s Museum in West Hartford, CT celebrates Astronomy Day 2019 on Saturday, May 11 by inviting you to TCM Aerospace Research and Development Labs. Families and children become team members, and will learn about Earth and space concepts, through fun, hands-on NASA-related Explore Science activity stations. Children and their families are Mission Engineers, and need to review a series of space-based experiments in order to help decide what should go into the payload of a special rocket launch. Once all the tasks are completed, get ready to launch a rocket, all on your own. Space themed activities, special guests, and a lot of fun awaits you!

Talk about your (inter) stellar guests!

Our friends from the Connecticut R2D2 Builders! Of course R2D2 will be here,from 12-2, for some lively discussions, pictures, and maybe to stowaway when you take the Kessel Run.The Saber Guild – Kessel Temple will be on hand, starting at Noon for all visiting Jedis and Padawans. Come and see some amazing displays courtesy of the Guild members!

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