What’s Up with the AstroLeague September 2013

This issue includes:

1.       A reminder about the September 6 night launch of LADDE which will be visible on the Atlantic seaboard.

2.       A report from the recent League award presentations at the Grand Rapids, WI Public Museum.

3.       Information regarding a southeastern region organizational meeting scheduled for October 30-November 3 at the Deep South Regional Star Gaze.

4.       An update from the 1st planning meeting of the ALCon 2017/Total Solar Solar Eclipse committee in Casper.

5.       A report from Stellafane 2013 where a presentation of the League’s Webmaster Award and the Northeast region’s Walter Scott Houston Award occurred.

6.       A call for a request of League members to loan us Reflector copies for scanning the four  issues that will complete the archiving project for all Reflectors from 1949 forward

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