Astronomical League – Events August 2008

Indiana Family Star Party/GREATCon 2008 July 31 to Aug 3

The 2008 Indiana Family Star Party and a convention of the Great Lakes Region of the Astronomical League will be held July 31- August 3 under the dark rural skies of Camp Cullom, home of the Prairie Grass Observatory. Daytime events include speakers, and the Great Lakes Region of the AL will have contests for astrophotography, telescope making, and an astro-quiz. Observing all night on the observing field, and at the observatory.

Sponsored by the Wabash Valley Astronomical Society, Indiana Astronomical Society, the Muncie Astronomy Club, and the Great Lakes region of the Astronomical League.

Russ Kaspar 765-659-4451 rk ‘-at-‘ kasparradio ‘-dot-‘ com
John Mahony 765-543-6474 jmmahony ‘-at-‘ hotmail ‘-dot-‘ com

Indiana Family Star Party 2007

Great Basin National Park Events

Great Basin National Park will host the following 2008 free public star parties: June 7 – Astronomy Day. Solar viewing, kids hands-on projects, presentation on latest astronomical news. July 4 & 5 – Presentation on digital astrophotography. August 9 & 10 – Presentation on meteors followed by late-night meteor watch. August 30 & 31 – Star parties only. September 1 – Solar viewing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visitors Center. Presentations start at 7 p.m. in the Great Basin Resource Center, next door to the Visitors Center. Star parties start at 9:30 p.m. behind Visitors Center, weather permitting. For more information on Great Basin NP go to:, or call: (775)-234-7331. Ask for Ranger Moore. If you would like to bring a telescope and participate or give a presentation, contact Salt Lake Astronomical Society member Tom Sevcik, (801)-262-6557, or send email to:

Oregon Star Party August 28 – August 30, 2008

Oregon Star Party, at Indian Trail Spring, Ochoco Mountains, in Central Oregon The Oregon Star Party is an astronomy adventure featuring quality deep sky viewing. It attracts intellectually curious outdoor lovers who enjoy the romance of a renaissance gathering. All ages enjoy camping among ponderosa, juniper, mountain mahogany, and sage. Past attendees have told us emphatically how much they have enjoyed the camaraderie and dark skies of Indian Trail Spring, and that they will return again! In the evening, a forest of telescopes and bustling observers grows on the high prairie. Beauty and quality are apparent in personally engineered and constructed instruments. Large telescopes, personal computers, and sophisticated tracking systems promise power and ability. But high technology does not overshadow the great personal satisfaction of using small telescopes, binoculars, and naked eye viewing. Many who attend are astro-imagers, others are logging Messier, Herschel I & II objects, or the objects found in their OSP Observers’ packet. Still others may just enjoy the clear dark skies from the comfort of a lawn chair.

Almost everyone welcomes a polite request to share a telescopic view; this is the spirit of our star party. All of us thrill at the glitter and soft glows of starlight mixed with friendly whispers punctuated by the shouts of success. It’s emotionally unforgettable. We invite you to join us again this year!
Oregon Star Party









Earth, Wind, and Sky Star Party

A brand new Star Party to be held annually. Activities include Guest Speakers, catered food. Plenty of open skies for viewing. Great horizons. A good place to work on a Astronomical league Certificate. Web site

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