Astronomical League – Events for October 2012


Astronomy Day at Cradle of Aviation, Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Garden City NY, Oct. 6

Astronomy Day at the Cradle of Aviation Museum also Grand Opening: Cradle of Aviation Museum Planetarium Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, from noon to 4pm at the Cradle of Aviation Museum.An exciting day of interactive family activities, lectures and exhibits on astronomy.Free Star-lab programs, solar viewing (weather permitting), hands-on workshops, and much more.Cradle of Aviation Museum is located at Charles Lindbergh Blvd. in Garden City. For more information call 516-572-4111.

Contact: Dave Tang 516-248-9795

Astronomy Day, 1177 Main Street, Crete Illinois, Oct 20

The event is sponsored by the Crete Public Library at 1177 Main Street in Crete, Illinois (708-672-8017).

From 10am until noon we will be observing the sun and the planet Venus (weather permitting) and then from 1pm until 2pm we will have an indoor show on the solar system.

The presenter is Art Maurer from JPL's Solar System Ambassador Program and the Director of the Trackman Planetarium at Joliet Junior College.


Dinosaurs Discover International Astronomy Day, Dinosaur Ridge, 16831 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison CO, Oct 13.

Join the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge on October 13th, 2012 from 10am to 3 pm for a free celebration of International Astronomy Day. Try solar observing, searching for iron meteorites, viewing our enormous scale model solar system, checking out the K-T Boundary clay, and telling time with an armillary sundial. Guides will be stationed at the world-famous track site and other fossil sites along the Dinosaur Ridge Trail.  At the Visitor Center try sifting for microfossils, dinosaur track painting, the Allosaurus vertebrae boulder, a life-size Iguanodon, a dinosaur dig for kids, a life-size Stegosaurus, dinosaur track painting PLUS check out the new Goniopholis skull, Brachiosaurus skull, and life-size juvenile Camarasaurus in Trek Through Time.  Several other activities and booths will be associated with Earth Science Week and National Fossil Day including rock and mineral identification, gold panning, and metal detecting. Register for door prizes and try the scavenger hunt. For directions or more event information: or Overflow parking $5 day ofevent.

Star Talk along Riverwalk, 201 10th S W, Bradenton FL, Oct. 20

 Join the Bishop Planetarium team for a free public Star Talk along the new manatee river Riverwalk. Sit back and enjoy the sunset while watching for planets and stars to peak through the darkening twilight. Learn about themotion of the planets and moon as Sam & Jeff navigate the sky with their aweome green mega laser. Stay up late to catch a "falling star" as our Earthflies through a patch of space junk during the Orionid Meteor Shower.




Saturday Night Stargazing, 380 Park Lane, Maurertown MA, Oct. 20

Regular monthly Saturday Night Stargazing, but we will have some additional activities and free giveaways for attendees like star charts and coloring pages.  Come early and bring your own telescope for assistance on its set-up and use and then stay to do some stargazing using your 'scope or our amateur astronomers scopes.  6:30pm is our start time, but come early if you need equipment assistance.  For all ages.  FREE Event held at the Shenandoah County Park in Maurertown, VA; meet us in themeadow behind the tennis courts.  For directions, visit


Celebrate Astronomy Day with a NASA Night Sky Network Astronomy Club, Nationwide, Oct. 20

The NASA Night Sky Network astronomy clubs invite you to celebrate Astronomy Day! There are plenty of star parties, safe solar viewings and other public events. You don't need any experience with a telescope or to know anything about astronomy, just come and enjoy. Bring friends, family, and your neighbors for a stellar time that's easy on your wallet. Most events are free or low-cost!

The NASA Night Sky Network is a community of hundreds of astronomy clubs across the U.S.A. that share their time and telescopes to provide the public with unique astronomy experiences. Clubs are always recruiting new members, so ask about joining. The NASA Night Sky Network is managed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in cooperation with NASA.


McCloud Public Stargaze, 8518 N Hughes Rd, North Salem, IN, Oct. 20

Every month, from April to October, the Indiana Astronomical Society ( hosts a public stargazing event at McCloud Nature Park approximately 30 miles west of Indianapolis.  At the beginning of each event we typically spend 20 minutes or so speaking to the attendees about what we'll be observing that evening and answering any questions they may have.

Go to for more information.


Aalborg – Astronomy Day Part 2., Dyrskuevej 23, Aalborg Denmark

Astronomy Day is an annual event intended to provide a means of interaction between the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts, groups and professionals. The theme of Astronomy Day is "Bringing Astronomy to the People," and on this day astronomy and stargazing clubs and other organizations around the world will plan special events.

I am an astronomy amateur with my own equipment. Moon, Uranus, Vesta and Jupiter will be presented for anybody to look at through a telescope. The event will start at approximately 17:00 o'clock, Denmark time (GMT +01:00).


La Crosse, WI Astronomy Day, Riverside Park, La Crise WI, Oct. 20

From 11:00am to 1:00pm we will have solar observing and then starting around 6:00pm and going till the park closes at 10pm we may also be able to see some stars if it is not cloudy.


UMaine Celebrates Astronomy Day, 5781 Wingate Hall, 120 Munson Road, Orono ME, Oct. 20

Enjoy a day of astronomy with the Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium on Oct. 20, 2012.  Young ones have a blast with Make and take activities, and the entire family will keep entertained and educated watching sky tours and demonstrations.  Telescope owners can confer with members of the Penobscot Valley Star Gazers club at a telescope clinic held throughout the day.

Families can also work together building their own working telescope (Workshop Fee Required).  Free refreshments will be provided at multiple locations for your convenience.  There will be live sun observing during the day, then after 7pm, weather permitting, everyone can enjoy telescope views, of Jupiter, star clusters, nebulas, and more! Call the Jordan Planetarium formore info, or to reserve a spot in the Family Telescope Building Workshop. (207) 581-1341


Mingo Creek Park Observatory Astronomy Day Star Party, Pittsburgh PA, Oct 20.

Visit Mingo Creek Park Observatory weather permitting, October 20, 2012, dusk-? and be amazed by the night sky.  View through two fixed telescopes and members telescopes. Enjoy a planetarium show and informal lectures. See stars, planets, nebula and more. admission is free. Donations accepted.Visit for more information.



MAS Fall Astronomy Day, 10775 County Rd 33, Norwood – Young America MN, Oct. 20

Location: Onan Observatory at Baylor Regional Park

Address: 10775 County Rd 33, Norwood Young America, MN

The Minnesota Astronomical Society would like to invite you to attend the Astronomical League’s Fall Astronomy Day activities at the Onan Observatory in Baylor Regional Park. Speakers are scheduled throughout the day and will give talks on astronomy and what there is to see. Door prize drawings will be held Saturday evening and include MAS merchandise, astronomy books and telescopes. Weather permitting, the evening will conclude with tours of the night sky and of course stargazing.

Schedule of Events (Subject to change)

Saturday October 20, 2012 – Daytime activities begin at 2:00 pm

2:00 pm: Solar observing, daytime viewing of the Moon, Venus and maybe Mars.

Tour of observatory, Activities and crafts for kids.


3:00   Speaker: MAS President – Dave Falkner

Topic : "The Search for Extraterrestrial Life" We'll talk about mankind's fascination with life beyond Earth and then explore the likelihood of finding life in our solar system and around nearby stars.

4:00   Speaker: Bill Arden

Topic : "Fall & Winter Sky" Learn of the Fall and Winter constellations that include some of the best things to see in the night sky, as well as their history and mythology.

5:00   Dinner Break

6:30   Speaker: Jake Hairrell Topic : "Graveyard Astronomy" – The Deaths of Stars From small to big, all stars have a finite life spans. Some die off quietly and leave us with breathtaking remnants of their death processes. Others die more spectacularly, and their corpses can be so bizzar that they continue to mystify those who study them. In this talk we'll explore the strange stellar graveyard and reveal some of the mysteries in it.

7:30   Door Prize Drawings

8:00   Speaker: Ron Schmit

Topic : Live "Constellation Tour" Learn about constellations and how to navigate the night sky. Program begins

shortly after the door prize drawing. Please note that this is “clear sky ONLY” program.

Evening Activities

The evening will continue with viewing through our array of telescopes. The Moon, Jupiter, Mars and maybe Mercury will top the list of astronomical delights. Bid farewell to the best summer constellations, nebula and clusters and enjoy the arrival of some of the fall and winters best while the Minnesota temperatures are still “balmy”.

AstroNite, Murchie Science Building, Univ. of Michigan-Flint, Flint  MI, Oct. 20

Enjoy a family-oriented open house that's out of this world! As part of the International Day of Astronomy sponsored by the Astronomical League, UM-Flint and Longway Planetarium have joined for a night that is sure to make your imagination soar to the stars.  Start at Longway Planetarium for for a show at 6:30pm.  Then head over to UM-Flint for additional open-house style astronomy activities and telescopes from 7-10pm.

For more information:




Von Braun Astronomical Society Astronomy Day 2012, Monte Sano State Park, 5105 Nolen Ave. SE, Huntsville AL, Oct. 20

On Saturday, October 20 from 1-11pm, the Von Braun Astronomical Society will host its annual Astronomy Day at the VBAS facilities in Monte Sano State Park. Events will include family fun activities hosted by local sciencegroups, planetarium shows and telescope observing (weather permitting). All activities are free and open to the public.

Outdoor hands-on activities from 1-5 pm will be offered by VBAS, as well as local science enthusiasts from HAL5 (National Space Society Huntsville Chapter),  Walt Langley: Spectroscopy, Dennis Gallagher: Vacuum Jar, Lonnie Puterbaugh: Astronomy Van.

Short planetarium shows will allow guests to view the night sky indoors, while special solar telescopes outside will offer views of sunspots and solar flares. Visitors may tour both observatory facilities to hear stories aboutthe construction and installation of the telescopes.

Evening activities will kick off at 7:30 pm with a presentation indoors by keynote speaker Dr. Melissa A. McGrath, chief scientist Marshall Space Flight Center NASA, will talk about the recent findings of the Jupiter probes andthe Hubble Space Telescope pictures of Jupiter and its Galilean Moons.Outdoor activities will include The Astronomy Channel, a mobile multimedia astronomy exhibit presented by Lonnie Puterbaugh of Nashville, TN. In case of inclement weather, some activities may be modified or canceled.

Astronomy Day at VBAS is part of a nationwide series of Astronomy Day events promoted by the Astronomical League, a network of astronomy clubs throughout the United States.

The Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS) is an educational, scientific, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of interest in the descriptive and technical phases of astronomy and to encourage participation in observational, computational and applied phases of this and related sciences.

VBAS was founded in 1954 as the Rocket City Astronomical Association (RCAA) by Dr. Wernher von Braun and other Huntsville scientists, who envisioned a place to conduct meaningful scientific research and share astronomy with the community. The VBAS facilities include a planetarium dome constructed from  Saturn V support hardware and many other unique architectural features.

For more information about the Von Braun Astronomical Society please visit our website at:


Jupiter, Mars and the Moon! Stargazing at Hampstead Park, 20 Lyncroft Road, Hampstead Quebec, Oct 20

Hampstead's regular stargazing events will take a new twist at the end of this week as the Town celebrates Astronomy day with a special stargazing evening on Saturday, October 20.

Led by a group of passionate local astronomers with professional telescopes, viewers can discover the wonders of the universe from Hampstead Park. Learn about special stars and view planets that can only be seen through special equipment. Our specialized team will be on site as of 6:00 pm, and welcome all to learn about the equipment before the actual stargazing begins.

This is an awe-inspiring activity for skywatchers both young and old. For Saturday’s event, look forward to gazing at the red ting of one of our planetary neighbours, Mars, in the early part of the evening. Later on, Jupiter will rise for an opportunity to take a look at the Great Red Spot and the Galilean moons.  The moon will also be approaching its first quarter, and many craters will be visible

In case of rain or thick cloud cover, this event may be rescheduled. Please consult our website for more information closer to the event, or join our special Facebook group for the most up to date details at Don't forget to dress appropriately!



Astronomy Day Marathon -11hrs of LIVE Astronomy!, Worldwide Online, Oct. 20

Everyone is welcome to our FREE public shows at   Please spread the word!

To celebrate Astronomy Day on Saturday October 20th, Slooh Space Camera will be broadcasting a marathon 11-hours of full-color live astronomy!  Slooh's Paul Cox will be telling the story of our Universe illustrated with live images from Slooh's robotic telescopes.  There will also be the chance to win Slooh memberships to control Slooh's robotic telescopes!  Coxy will also be sponsoring three classroom memberships to enable kids and their teachers  to control the telescopes in real-time direct from their classrooms!

Live coverage begins on Saturday at 12:45PM PDT / 3:45PM EDT / 19:45UTC, and ends eleven hours later at 11:45PM PDT / 2:45AM EDT / 06:45UTC.  The broadcast will be split into separate shows, each focusing on a particular topic and various celestial objects.

From ancient swarms of stars as old as the Universe; to galaxies merging in huge cosmic collisions; vast clouds of interstellar gas and dust, where giant hot stars are bursting into life; through to the cataclysmic explosions of stars as they end their lives leaving beautiful nebulae filled with the building blocks for life; and of course our own solar system – with the gas giant Jupiter and attendant moons, ice giants Neptune and Uranus, and those intriguing  left-overs of solar system construction – comets and Near-Earth Asteroids.  We'll be viewing live images of these and many other objects direct from Slooh's Observatory at the world-class astronomical site in theCanary Islands.

You always know that the Slooh Space Camera images are live and in full color!

Did you know? …. If you have a Pinterest account, you can pin any of the live images straight to your pinboard!

More Information:

Event URL:

Slooh Space Camera on G+:

Slooh Space Camera on Facebook:

Paul Cox on G+:

Email Paul Cox:


Astronomy Day Oct. 20, Mikes Kelemen High School (Lic Mikes Kelemen Liceum), Saint George City ROMANIA, Oct. 20

For the first time ever, our local astronomy enthusiasts are organizing Astronomy Day 2012 – October the 20th.

Our program will begin early, as the Sun sets, so that we have a couple of hour of Moon watching

After that, for one hour we will show famous double stars  (Albireo,Polaris), than some Messier objects (M31, M15 and M27 are planned) and for the grand finale we will wait to show Jupiter. It will be a fun night, I can promise that to everybody attending.

Coordinates: Lat: 45.862371, Long: 25.787185

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