Binocular Master Observer Award

Binocular Master Observer Award Coordinator:

Aaron Clevenson 19411 Cluster Oaks Drive
Humble,TX 77346-2918
(281) 852-4667


The Astronomical League has members who observer the sky with telescopes, binoculars ,and just their unaided eyes.  The Binocular Master Observer Award was created to recognize those members who do not use a telescope.  Its intent is to challenge these observers to improve their observing skills and to seek out new and different objects.


Rules and Regulations     

The Binocular Master Observer Award will be given to an AL member who has completed at least eight of the League's binocular-based observing programs:

  1. Binocular Double Star Observing Program
  2. Advanced Binocular Double Star Observing Program
  3. Binocular Messier Observing Program
  4. Binocular Variable Star Observing Program
  5. Deep Sky Binocular Observing Program
  6. Galileo Observing Program - Binocular Certification
  7. Lunar Observing Program or the Lunar Binocular Observing Certificate
  8. Solar System Binocular Observing Certificate
  9. Southern Skies Binocular Observing Program

Once a member has completed eight of the Observing Programs, she or he will be awarded a certificate and pin. 

Submitting for Certification

The member should contact the coordinator of the Binocular Master Observer Awards with information that includes:

  • A list of the Observing Programs and Certificates you have completed.
  • The certificate numbers.
  • Your name, as you want it printed on the certificate.
  • Your mailing address.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Your E-mail address.
  • Your club affiliation (If you are a Member at Large, please include that information, too).

Once the certifications are verified and documented, the Binocular Master Observer certificate and pin will be sent.


Binocular Master Observer Award Coordinator:

Aaron Clevenson
19411 Cluster Oaks Drive
Humble,TX 77346-2918
(281) 852-4667


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