Observing Program Mentor Award

Observing Program Mentor Award Coordinator:

Aaron Clevenson
19411 Cluster Oaks Drive
Humble,TX 77346-2918
(281) 852-4667
E-mail: aaron@clevenson.org


The Astronomical League currently sponsors over 65 Observing Programs that are available for the membership.  These Observing Programs recognize individuals for their personal observing accomplishments.  We also have an Outreach Award the recognizes individuals for sharing the wonders of the universe with others in an outrech setting: presentations, activities, and star parties.  The Observing Program Mentor Award has been created to recognize those individuals who have worked closely with a novice astronomer to help them develop their observing skills and to broaden their knowledge of astronomy and astronomical objects.

We define mentoring as a relationship between an experienced astronomer and a novice astronomer.  Through the mentoring process the novice astronomer has gained knowedge about astronomy and astronomical objects and has gained experience in the art of observing or other astronomy related activities.  Mentoring is an activity that takes place over an extended period of time.


Requirements and Rules

Making a Nomination:  A member of the Astronomical League, either through a local astronomy club or as a Member at Large, may nominate another member of the Astronomical League if the nominator meets one of these criteria:

  • They are the person who was mentored by the nominee.
  • They are an officer of the local astronomy club in which the nominee is a member.

Self nomination is NOT an option.

Nominations should be sent through email to the Coordinator of the Observing Program Mentor Award.

This submitted information should be included:

  • Nominator's name
  • Nominator's telephone number
  • Nominator's local astronomy club or Member at Large
  • Mentor's name
  • Mentor's local astronomy club or Member at Large
  • A brief discussion about the extent of the mentoring activities, including time frame, efforts, and topics

Submitting for Certification

Once a nomination has been received by the Coordinator and membership in the Astronomical League has been confirmed, the Coordinator will send a certificate electronically to the nominator for printing and presentation.


Observing Program Mentor Award Coordinator:

Aaron Clevenson
19411 Cluster Oaks Drive
Humble,TX 77346-2918
(281) 852-4667
E-mail: aaron@clevenson.org



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