EOSOP Observing Program – Additional Resources

Additional Resources

This observing program wouldn’t be possible without the use of computers and the Internet. While none of the following resources are officially endorsed by the Astronomical League (AL), many of them provide information and software (freeware, shareware, and licensed versions) that will be invaluable to program participants. If you are aware of any resources that you would like to share with the EOSOP, please let the Coordinator know.

General Resources:

Celestrak Web Site – Here you’ll find access to plenty of bright satellites for observing and a host of other related information. Celestrak only provides verifiable element sets, so you can be sure they will count toward your award.

Heavens-Above – A useful resource, but it may contain satellites that the official list does not show.


Dedicated Tracking Software:

Go to this link on the Celestrak.com website to find an extensive list of satellite tracking software applications for all of the most common operating systems, including smart phones and tablets.


Definition and components of the Two-line Element Set and other interesting facts about satellite tracking (Celestrak)



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