G. R. (Bob) Wright League Service Award


G. R. (Bob) Wright In every volunteer organization most of the work is done by a small fraction of the membership. Most of the volunteer-workers do not stand out in front of the membership. They work in the background, with little recognition. The G. R. (Bob) Wright League Service Award recognizes people who have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Some of these people have held one or more offices in the Astronomical League. Others have held committee chairs. Still others have just done a tremendous job in some aspect of the Astronomical League. Whatever the reason for the award, it recognizes a hard-working member of the Astronomical League.


G. R. (Bob) Wright League Service Award honors current or past League volunteers for service to the Astronomical League.

The Award is handled by the Astronomical League President.

Procedure for Nomination

If you would like to recommend a League volunteer for the G. R. (Bob) Wright League Service Award, you may contact the Astronomical League President. Selection of the awardees is solely the at the discretion of the President.

Winners of the G. R. (Bob) Wright League Service Award:

Year Awardee(s) Reason for Award
1985 Barry & Carol Beaman Edited the Reflector
1986 Jeff Lewis
1987 Tom Martinez Edited the Reflector
1988 Bill Scurlock
1989 Merry Wooten Former Executive Secretary
1990 Ed Flaspoehler Edited the Reflector (1989-2000)
1991 Gary Tomlinson Served as Astronomy Day Coordinator
1992 Jerry Sherlin Former League President and MARS Region Chair
1993 Rollin Van Zandt Former League President and Publications Chair
1994 (no award)
1995 John Wagoner Created StarGate BBS and created and supervised many observing clubs
1996 (no award)
1997 Kathy Machin Supervised Messier Club
1998 Charles Allen
Jackie Wade
Bert and Janis Stevens
Support of the president above and beyond the call of duty
1999 Marion Bachtell Chaired League Sales; NCRAL Region Chair.
2000 Robert L. Gent Vice-president, Astronomical League
Public Relations Officer, I.D.A.
2001 Orville Brettman  President, Astronomical League
2002 Mike Benson
2003 Carroll Iorg
2004 Terry Mann
Joanne Hailey
2005 Kent Marts
2006 John Goss
 2007  Marilyn Unruh
 2008 Vern Raben, Michael Hotka, Tammy Plotner, George Baker  Web Team who redid AL website look
2009 Mary Sutter
2010 (no award)
2011 Lowell Lyon Chair or Co-chair of ALCons
2012 (no award)
2013 William Bogardus Secretary of Astronomical League for two terms and general contributions to astronomy
2014 Aaron Clevenson National Observing Program Director for the Astronomical League
2015 Ron Kramer
2016 Tom Lynch
2017 Lowell Lyon and Carroll Iorg Special “Ceres” Award
2018 Valts Treibergs and Dave Falkner
2019 (no award)
2020 (no award)
2021 Reflector Team: Kristine Larsen, Kevin Jones, Dan Crowson, Michael Patterson, Carla Johns (Ron Kramer and John Wagoner were previous recipients.)
2022 (no award)
2023 Steven Tilley


1998 Wright Award Winners

Astronomical League President Barry Beaman (far left)  presents the 1998 G. R Wright Award to (left to right) Charles Allen, Jackie Wade, Janet Stevens, and Bert Stevens.


1999 Wright Award Winner

Astronomical League Sales Chair Marion Bachtell comes forward to receive the 1999 G. R Wright Award at the Banquet of the 1999 ALCon in Cheney, Washington.


Dr. Aaron Clevenson (left) receives 2014 G.R. Wright League Service Award from president Carroll Iorg (right).
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