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Mobile menu problem

The drop down menus for mobile devices are not "accordion folding" correctly when held in portrait orientation for small screen devices (320 pixels width or less). It seems to work ok in landscape orientation. Hopefully I'll get it corrected in a day or two?

Interested in ALCon 2017 (ASTROCON)? Plan NOW!

You probably know that hotel accommodations in Casper, WY during ALCon 2017 (ASTROCON 2017) are in short supply. But there are rooms left – at least for now.

Please follow this procedure for securing a room. If you haven't booked a room already, please do not delay. We do not know how long the remaining rooms will last!

1. Go to the ASTRONCON 2017 website

2. Register for ASTROCON 2017.

3. When you receive a registration confirmation email, and if you want a hotel room, please respond to the email by requesting a room.  You will then receive an email from a member of the ASTROCON planning committee (usually Chair Lowell Lyon) and given a code. You will be directed to a hotel and given the phone number to call.

4. When you call that particular hotel, they will ask you for your ASTROCON code.

This procedure is necessary to avoid non-ALCon (ASTROCON) attendees from booking the block of rooms set aside for ALCon attendees. Yes, it does happen!

September 2016 Digital Reflector Announcement has been sent

Announcement of the September 2016 digital edition of the Reflector has been emailed to all members.

Several people have reported an error with the member affiliation in the greeting line.  The error is in the software that sends out the announcements; the profile information is okay.

 If you did not receive the announcement it is probably because:

  • Your email service provider has marked email from the League as spam; to prevent this add to your email service contact list
  • We do not have an email address for you
  • The email address we have for you is not valid 

If you did not receive a notice and you are a member of an affiliated club or a member-at-large, honorary or lifetime member send me an email  to .

Let me know the name of your local club name (or MAL) and first and last name and a current email and I'll update your information.



P Cyg – Luminous Blue Variable

Celestial Observations

P Cyg – Luminous Blue Variable

By Bill Pellerin

Eyepiece chart – circle is ¼ of a degree. Star chart generated by TheSkyX © Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved​.

Object:  P Cyg
Class: Luminous Blue Variable
Constallation:  Cyg
Magnitude:  4.8
R.A.:    20 h, 17 m,  47 s
Dec:    38°  01’ 59”
Size/Spectral:  B1
Distance:  6500 +/- ly
Optics needed: A small telescope to pick this star out in a crowded field.