Online Reflector Notice Status


The Reflector notices should hopefully be emailed to everyone later today, Sept 2nd. The capability for you to check your email addresses and other information will be available then as well.

Sorry about the delay, I expected everything to be completed and available on Sept. 1.


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Dennis di Cicco wins NERAL 2015 Walter Scott Houston Award!


It is my great pleasure to announce that, by unanimous vote of the NERAL Executive Committee, the Walter Scott Houston Award of the North East Region of the Astronomical League (NERAL) is being awarded to Dennis di Cicco of Sudbury, Massachusetts at this year's Stellafane Convention in Springfield, Vermont on Saturday evening, August 15, 2015.

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EarthSky partners with the Astronomical League


EarthSky and the Astronomical League have agreed to partner in the years 2016 to 2018 to bring the wonder, beauty, and mystery of the night sky to the public. The partnership was finalized today (July 30,  2015).  John Goss, president of the Astronomical League, said:
The Astronomical League, the nation’s largest federation of astronomical societies, is  proud  to  partner  with  EarthSky  …  We  recognize  the  importance  of  what stargazing  and   amateur  astronomy  offer  to  the  betterment  of  our  society, especially to the benefit of our young.

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Master Observers wanted


If you are a Master Observer, we want you!  The AL has a Master Observer Network set up to answer questions from members and the general public.  It is also a means for the League to talk with you as a group. If you are already on the list - Awesome!  If not, please join us.  

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