Rodney Howe, 2017 L.C. Peltier Award Recipient

Rodney Howe has a Master’s Degree in Remote Sensing / Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Colorado State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, also from Colorado State University. His occupational work has been with Landsat and AVHRR satellite data classifying agriculture crop land images for the US Department of Agriculture. Responsibilities included experience in computer science, and Geographic Information Systems with the knowledge and skills for photometry and data analysis of satellite image classification. Knowledge from this type work has given him some experience with processing images of dense globular clusters, using images collected by AAVSO net of telescopes. He has been a member of AAVSO since 1999, when he began collecting Very Low Frequency radio data on Gamma Ray Bursts and Solar Ionosphere Disturbances (SID).