June 2016 Digital Reflector Announcement has been sent


Announcement of the June 2016 digital edition of the Reflector has been emailed to all members.  If you did not receive the announcement it is probably because:

  • Your email service provider has marked email from the League as spam; to prevent this add support@astroleague.org to your email service contact list
  • We do not have an email address for you
  • The email address we have for you is not valid 

If you did not receive a notice and you are a member of an affiliated club or a member-at-large, honorary or lifetime member send me an email  to webmaster@astroleague.org .

Let me know the name of your local club name (or MAL) and first and last name and a current email and I'll update your information.



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Contact forms for Societies are not working


The form for contacting affiliated societies and officers is not working correctly. The problem is being reviewed and will be corrected by May 27th.


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Transit of Mercury


Reminder:  Tomorrow morning (in the US) is the Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun.  This is a somewhat rare event and if your skies are clear be sure to check it out.  Don't ever look at the sun without proper protective filtering.  Mercury will be too small to see with welder's glass or eclipse glasses.

Also, remember that we have a Special Observing Award for the transit:


Good luck.  Aaron

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Thanks to one of our Observing Program Coordinators, Vince Foster, this is a link to a great article on the Apparition of Mars (going on now...).


Enjoy.  Aaron

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Observing Program Director - going off-line


From now until the end of August, if you have any needs related to the Astronomical League's Observing Programs and Awards, please work directly with the Coordinators.  If you have needs that they can't solve, then please address all emails to the other Observing Program Director, Cliff Mygatt at cliffandchris@wavecable.com.  Thanks.  have a great summer, and do lots of observing.  Aaron Clevenson

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The Correct LEDs for Chicago

Light pollution and the encroachment of sky glow are subtle yet pervasive problems that adversely affect our lives in many ways. The Astronomical League stands firm in its position advocating the responsible use of outdoor lighting: The right amount of light, in the right direction, at the right time.

The city of Chicago is planning to install 270,000 LEDs. It would benefit the quality of life of the residents in that area if those LEDs had a correlated color temperature of 3000K or less, and if their associated fixtures were fully shielded and pointed downward. In light of that, a petition to the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has been created to show support of quality outdoor lighting.

Petition. Bring Back Chicago's Starry Night with Responsible City Lighting:


Contact Audrey Fischer of the Chicago Astronomical Society for more information. 


The Astronomical League supports rational and civil discourse to illuminate the facts about LED lighting and light pollution.

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