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Observers have lots of questions.  This page is an attempt to explain many of the specifics related to the Astronomical League’s Observing Programs.  

If you have a question about a specific Observing Program, the best place to get an answer is to contact the Coordinator for the Observing Program.

If you have a general question about the Astronomical League’s Observing Programs, please contact one of the Observing Program Directors.  They are listed here

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    • Where to Begin?  A guide for those new to amateur astronomy.
    • Astronotes –  Short instructional and informational bits of advice form the Astronomical League.
    • Proposing a New Observing Program:  If you have an idea for an Observing Program that is not already part of the suite of Observing Programs, we want to hear about it.  Not all proposals will be adopted, and the process can take up to a year to get a new one adopted.
    • Observing Manuals to accompany the Observing Programs:  The Astronomical League offers a number of manuals that are useful and informative to those pursuing various Observing Programs.  They are available through the AL Store.
    • Ask a Question:  Have a question?  Not sure to ask?  How about asking the Astronomical League’s Master Observers.  Responses will be the opinion of the individual Master Observers and may not represent the position of the Astronomical League.
    • Search for an Observing Award:  Want to see what awards you have earned.  This is the Astronomical League’s on-line database.
    • Observation Logs:  Recommendations and advice.
    • Seeing and Transparency Scales

Observing Program Division Annual Reports to Council.  These reports are given to the Council at their summer meeting.  This meeting is where new Observing Programs are adopted.

A list of the history of AL Observing Program Coordinators can be found here.

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