Master Observers Network

Welcome to the Astronomical League’s access portal to the Master Observers.

If you are a Master Observer and you are not currently part of the Master Observer Network, please contact Aaron Clevenson at to be added to the list.

What is the purpose of the Master Observer Network (MO-Net)?

Mo-Net (pronounced like the artist) is a tool proposed by John Sparks (one of the AL Master Observers as a way for members of the Astronomical League to ask questions of the Master Observers. The Master Observers may respond to those questions through email to help other observers enjoy the beauty and wonder of the universe. When you submit a question, you may get one reply or you may get multiple replies. Each Master Observer has different expertise, so you will hear from those who are best suited to answer your questions.

What are Master Observers?

Master Observers are amateur astronomers, just like you. They have completed at least 10 of the Astronomical Leagues Observing Certifications, so they have done much observing on different types of astronomical objects.

What kinds of questions are appropriate?

Almost anything related to astronomy would make an appropriate question. If you want to know more about specific objects, details about the Astronomical League observing programs and their requirements, or information about equipment and events, this is a good place to ask. There is a good chance that at least one of the Master Observers has an opinion. The only requirement is that all messages using this network must be positive and educational.


Yes, opinion. The response you get is from an individual person. The response does not reflect the position of the Astronomical League or other Master Observers. It is based on the knowledge and experience of that individual Master Observer. Your experiences may be different. There is no implied warranty of any kind. You should check out any responses you get thoroughly and be sure that anything you may do is appropriate and represents good judgment.  To get official answers to questiosn about specific Observing Programs send an email to the Coordinator for that Observing Program.  Their email address can be found on the webpage for that Observing Program.

To Access The Mo-Net (Master Observer Network):

Send an email to this email address:

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