What does the Astronomical League offer you, as a Member-at-Large?

  • Full voting privileges.Member-at-large
  • A subscription to the Reflector, our quarterly newsletter.
  • The Book Service through which you can buy astronomy-related books at a 10% discount if not already sold through League Sales.
  • A choice of astronomy-oriented magazines at a discounted price.
  • Eligibility for all Astronomical League awards, both national and observing.
  • Participation in an organization that promotes education, observing, research and communications.

Most importantly, by joining the League you join an international organization of amateur astronomers that promotes observing, research, and the love of the sky. You also enjoy the opportunity to earn awards for your observing skills and learn more about what other amateurs are doing through our national newsletter.

When you join, you will receive our new Member-at-Large membership packet. In this packet, you will receive:

  • One of our great observing guides (choices on application);
  • “Getting Started in Astronomy”, or other similar publication;
  • The Astronomical League Observing Club awards overview;
  • The League Sales Product Price List;
  • AstroNotes for Members-at-Large (several topic-specific notes on general astronomy and League orientation);
  • The current issue of the Reflector;
  • A letter of welcome to the MAL program;
  • Full color membership card;

To join the Astronomical League as a Member-at-Large through our webstore just click here .  Or, to join by mail, you may download, print, and provide information in this PDF file  and send it along with a check payable to the Astronomical League in the amount of $40.00 (U.S. postal addresses) or $50.00 (non-U.S. postal addresses) for annual membership. Persons less than 19 years of age may join as a Youth-Member-at-Large, for $20.00 (USA only). Payment must be made in U.S. funds.

After you have joined, please look over the other merchandise available through the Sales webstore and be sure to check our home page often for news and articles posted by other members.

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