Observing Manuals to Assist Your Observing


This page includes links to the many manuals that are available in the AL Store.  We hope you will take advantage of them to help you on your Observing Journey.  They are full of useful information about the objects and how to find them.

Links change over time, and this web page is loaded with links.  If one does not work, you can navigate to the AL Store through the AL Website.  Most manuals and guides can be found under the heading of Observing Manuals. Some can be found under the heading of Books and Calendars.  Please let Aaron Clevenson know if you notice any broken links at aaron@clevenson.org

Manuals to Help You Get Started in the Hobby

These manuals are useful if you are just starting out.  This would include  the Sky Puppy Observing Program (10 and under), the Youth Astronomer Observing Program (17 and under), and Beyond Polaris Observing Program (any age).

Manuals Useful to Any Observer

Individual Observing Programs

New manuals are being added all the time.  Manuals are updated regularly.

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