MARS Region Election – Call for Nominations

Dear %%name%%, %%society%%, %%position%%,

You are receiving this email as you were listed on your club’s last roster as either the President or the ALCor. If this is not the case please send an email to and to get your club’s contact information corrected.

The MARS Region is opening nominations for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Regional Representative. During the annual convention each regional Chair and Representative (or their proxies) vote on matters before the Astronomical League Council. They also may participate in other meetings, usually teleconferences, to help guide the League in its activities.

In order to be considered the nominee must be a resident of a state in the MARS region and a member in good standing of the Astronomical League. This means that their name is on the club’s current roster or they are currently affiliated with the League as a Member-At-Large.

Nominations are to be submitted between February 1, 2016 through February 15, 2016 by sending an email to Wayne Green  (current MARS chair) stating the person’s name, affiliation, position they are seeking, and a brief description (150 words or less) of their background and what they wish to accomplish in the position. A person may self-nominate if they wish.

Since there has not been a regional meeting these positions may be elected by the Regional Council (refer to Astronomical League By-Laws Article IX. Section 3, see ).

The Regional Council consists of the president and a representative of each club in the region, the current Regional Officers, current Regional Representative, and a representative of the Astronomical League members-at-large within the region (Astronomical League By-Laws Article IX. Section 2).

A list of the nominees for each position will be emailed to each Regional Council member (club president, etc. per previous paragraph) on or before March 1st. They are then to make their selections and email to Mitch Glaze by Tuesday, March 15th. The list will also be sent to patron members, lifetime members, and members-at-large within the MARS region. The majority vote for each position from these members will be the representative vote for these members.

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