Special Awards Presented by the Astronomical League

Special awards are presented from time-to-time by the Astronomical League to people who have contributed greatly to amateur astronomy and/or the Astronomical League, but who do not fit into any of the other award catagories. These awards are administered by the President with the advise of the Executive Committee.

Winners of the Astronomical League Special Award:

Year Award Name Honoree Thumbnail Biography of Honoree
1998 Special Recognition Barry and Carol Beaman For many years of selfless work on the local, regional, and national levels.
1999 AL President’s Award John C. Diebel Founder and CEO of Meade Instruments Corporation, for their support of AL programs for many years.
2000 AL President’s Award Ed Flaspoehler
AL Special Award Ed Flaspoehler
Editor, Reflector (1989-2000)
2001 AL President’s Award Bert and Janet Stevens Executive Secretaries, Astronomical League
2004 AL President’s Award Mr. Walter Haas Founding officer and Executive Director Emeritus of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO).
2005 AL Special Award Mitch Glaze & Chuck Beucher
2008 AL President’s Award Scott Roberts
2012 AL Special Award Dr. Roger Kolman For service to the Astronomical League including long-time service as Chair of the League’s Peltier award committee and service to astronomy in general.


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