“Take your first steps” — the Astronomical League’s ‘Introduction to Astronomy Guide’

Here you can access a free downloadable guide about getting started in astronomy and viewing the night sky.

The Astronomical League has produced this 8-page booklet with several beginner topics in astronomy.
It is (or will soon be) available in PDF format in black & White and in full color.

You may redistribute these provided the following conditions are met:

  • You copy or reproduce the booklet in its entirety.
  • You do not sell it.
  • You do not alter it in anyway.

The booklet may be printed, copied, or shared electronically as long as you follow the above conditions.

Below are (or will be soon) links to different versions:

If you have any trouble with the files, any questions, or any comments about the booklet, please contact the National Office Manager, Mitch Glaze, at
rosters <at> astroleague <dot> org.

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