Updating your society information

After you login for the first time you will notice that there is a block entitled “Local Society” on the upper left hand side of the page. You may change information about your local club by clicking on the links underneath the name of your society.

Basic Information

Click on the “Basic Information” link. A form will appear, listing basic information about your club such as its mailing address, general phone numbers, or an email address. Make changes as needed and click on the “Submit” button near the bottom of the page.

Embed database info

You may access some information in the astroleague database and display it on your own website. Currently you may provide a table showing Astroleague awards received by your members and provide a table showing scheduled events. This capability may be expanded if there is interest and resources available to do so.


This is used to announce club events. Events entered here will appear on a monthly calendar and a location map. Before entering an event you might want add the contact person, the location of event, and an image for the event using the appropriate form. After you click the ‘Event’ link, the ‘Astronomy Event List’ will appear. Click on the ‘Click here to add New Event’ link near the top of the page. The ‘Edit Events Information’ page will appear. Enter a title for the event, the start and end date of the event, and a short description or announcement. Select an image to illustrate the event announcement (if there is one), the location of the event, and a contact person. If these fields are left as “Select ..” they will not appear in the announcement. You may update them later if you wish. After entering the information, be sure to click on the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.


This is used to upload an image for display in event announcements. After you click on the ‘Images’ link, the ‘List Images’ page will appear. Initially it will be empty. Locate the ‘Click here to add new images’ link near the top of the page and click on it. The ‘Edit/Upload Images’ page will appear. Enter a title for the image and a short description. Click on the ‘Choose File’ link to navigate to where the image file is located on your computer. Select the file and click the ‘Open’ button. Press the ‘Submit’ button and the image will be uploaded to the astroleague webiste. This may take several seconds depending on the speed of your internet and the size of the file. The image file must be less than 800 KBtyes in size or it will not upload correctly. Only PNG, JPEG, or GIF images may be uploaded. After the image is uploaded the image is resized to versions 150, 300, and 600 pixels wide if they are initially wider. Smaller images are not sized to a larger scale. At the present time only the 300 wide is used to illustrate the events pages. We may expand the use of the images to other applications in the future. Be sure to have permission of the photographer and any recognizable people in the image.


This is used to enter locations used by your society such as meeting places, observatories, dark sky sites, etc. Click on the “Locations” link. A page listing your club’s locations will appear. There will probably be one location with the same name as your society. This location is the center of the zip code or city of your club’s address. To refine this, click on the “Id” link on the left side of the page. The “Edit Locations” page will appear. Make whatever changes you feel are needed. Note there is a Google map at the bottom. You may zoom in the map and drag the “red” icon to point to the location. Be sure to click on the “Submit” button to save the location. Only the current location being entered appears on the map, other locations that you may have entered are not displayed here.


Click on the members link. A page will appear and will most likely display only a single name, yours and possibly the name of the ALCor for your society. Only enter the names of club officers who are to be publicly listed (such as ALCor or President).

Enter the person’s last name, first name, and “display name”. The “display name” is how the name should appear in postal address or display — include Mr., Dr., etc if the person prefers a salutation. Select “Active” for the member status. The “Membership Type: should be set to “Regular Member”. Click the “Submit” button to save information about the club member.

The membership page will again appear and the member will be listed. Click on the “Id” link located on the left side of the page. You will see the “Edit member information” page again but notice that there now some additional entries near the bottom of the page for entering postal address, email addresses, and phone numbers. Click on the appropriate button, say “Add Email” to make the entry. Enter the information such as email address, etc. There is a privacy selector near the bottom of the form. It should be set to ‘public’ if the information is to be displayed publicly. Email, Phone, and postal address each have a privacy setting so you can control which are listed.

  • “admin only” means that the information is available only to persons who are administrators on this website and person who is authorized to enter information for their local society.
  • “members only” means that the information is available only to persons who are astroleague members (ie have accounts on the astroleague website).
  • “public” means that the information will be publicly displayed. This should be used only for those individuals who are public contacts for your organization.  Email addresses are obfuscated where information is viewed publicly. They are not obfuscated for people who have accounts on this webserver — ie Astroleague members only.

 Note:  if you want contact information to be listed publicly then the privacy setting must be set to ‘public’ — otherwise the contact  information will not appear for people who are not logged in on this webserver.

Observer Awards

This a listing of observer awards received by members of your society. If a person’s award does not appear it is probably because it is not linked to your society — usually this is because of society name changes, or typos. Send an email to support@astroleague.org and we will make the correction.


Use this to enter your club’s officers. You must first enter the person as a club member before they can be assigned as an officer. See the “Members” section above.  To enter an officer click on the ‘Officers’ link. The ‘List Officers’ page will appear. Initially it will most likely only contain the name of your club’s ALCor.   Locate the link entitled ‘Click here to add officer titles/positions’ at the top right side of the page. The ‘List Positions’ page will appear. Initially 3 positions (ALCor, President, Treasurer) will be shown. You can edit or delete the names of the positions with the exception of the ALCor. You may also add new positions if you wish by clicking on the ‘Add new position’ link. Once you have entered all the positions, return to the ‘List Officers’ page. Locate the ‘Click here to add new officer’ link near the top of the page. After you click on the link the ‘Officers’ page will appear. Select the Officer’s name and position and then ‘Submit’.


Use this to review the information about your society that is publicly available from the Astroleague website.  The phone numbers, email, and postal addresses for the ALCor and other officers will not be shown unless the privacy field is set to “public”.


This is used to enter your society’s websites. After you click on the ‘Websites’ link the ‘Website information’ page will appear listing websites. There will probably only be one website listed, entitled ‘Home Page’. Note that you can add another website by clicking on the ‘Add new website’ link or clicking on the ‘Id’ link to edit or delete the website.

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