A survey concerning efforts in the battle against Light Pollution

Both the International Astronomical Union’s  commission on  light pollution (C.B7) and the International Dark-Sky Association’s Education Committee are trying to glean what light pollution educational activities are happening in North America.  We are asking for your help in completing this VERY short survey asking you if you lead any educational program teaching K-12 about light pollution (and how you do that). Perhaps you used the Quality Lighting Teaching Kit or Globe at Night or another light pollution citizen-science campaign. 

We are also interested in other types of “educational” events such as going before city council to change lighting ordinances, working with urban designers or engineers to put in responsible lighting or conducting dark sky festivals, even a star party that advocates preserving dark skies. There is a range of efforts that bring awareness to the public on issues and solutions surrounding light pollution. 

We would like to hear from you!

Some of the information collected in this form may be used as a part of a presentation to IAU Conference attendees in Vienna, Austria in late August, 2018.

Please respond by August 24th. Please feel free to share the link with a colleague who does this type of outreach. Thank you!


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