Al Council Adopts New Observing Programs and Awards

The AL Council met at the AstroCon in Casper, and adopted additional Observing Awards and Programs.  Details will be announced as the web pages are developed and released.  These are those that were adopted:

Beyond Polaris Observing Program – This is a program for the novice observer; those new to astronomy.  It is similar to the Sky Puppies Observing Program for youth.  Although the Observing Program was already adopted, the Council approved pins for this program.

Binocular Master Observer Award – This new Award was adopted.  The requirement is that the member complete 8 of 9 Binocular Observing Programs.

New Binocular levels and Binocular versions of existing Observing Programs were also adopted:

  • Binocular Lunar Observing Certificate – for completing the Binocular and Naked-Eye portions of the Lunar certification.
  • Binocular Solar System Certificate – for completing the Binocular and Naked-Eye portions of the Solar System certification.
  • Binocular version of the Galileo Observing Program – an alternative certification in addition to the standard certification

Celestial Sphere Observing Program – This new Observing Program is designed to encourage members to observe in both hemispheres.  In addition to accomplishing existing Observing Programs, the observer is required to accomplish additional requirements.  There are three levels.  “If you have not seen the Northern as well as Southern Hemisphere Skies, then you have not seen it all!”

Mars Observing Program – This Observing Program was adopted pending the completion of the list of requirements.  It should be available for the next apparition of Mars.

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