Observing Program Division Announcement – T Coronae Borealis AL Observing Challenge and Special Observing Award

With the rare event of a recurrent nova in the Milky Way, one of perhaps as few as five known ones, The Astronomical League is bringing our latest AL Observing Challenge and Special Observing Award.  There are two levels and two observations required.  The first one should be done as soon as possible.  You do NOT need to be a member of the AL to do Level 1.

For all the details and information on how to participate and earn these awards, go to the AL web page:




Observing Program Division Announcement – Parker Solar Probe NASA Observing Challenge

The Astronomical League in conjunction with NASA is bringing you a new NASA Observing Challenge for the Parker Solar Probe Mission.  The observations for the challenge can be done from June 26, 2024 and July 3, 2024.  No expensive equipment is required.  You do NOT need to be part of the Astronomical League to participate.  For more information go to the web page:

Upcoming NCRAL Convention

A two day Astronomy Extravaganza in the North Central Region of the Astronomical League (NCRAL), “The Universe in Color“.

Flyer can be viewed here: .

May 17 and 18 in DePere, WI.

Session Topics:

  • 3D printing in Astronomy
  • Large Dobsonians
  • Astro-Sketching
  • Multi-Wavelength Astronomy
  • Deep Sky Imaging

Keynote: Bob King presenting, “What Causes the Aurora’s Colors”


  • Social Hour
  • Banquet
  • Door Prizes
  • Trivia Contest
  • Astrophoto contest
  • Swap Meet
  • Parmentier Observatory Tour

Flyer can be viewed here.

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