How You Can Help Amateur Astronomy

Our universe is simply awe-inspiring with its vastness, beauty, and mystery that lie before us every time we gaze skyward. Observing is personal and its influence upon us can be profound. It is an activity that is tough to beat. 

Support your Astronomical League! The League encourages the active pursuit of astronomy through its various member–directed programs. Your dues and contributions help fund its national recognition awards, the national convention (ALCon), the Reflector, the AL Book Service, and, of course, the many popular observing clubs. 

If you enjoy the night sky and want others to discover its wonders, why not give a gift to the Astronomical League today? Mail your tax–deductible donation to the Astronomical League, 9201 Ward Parkway Suite 100, Kansas City, MO  64114.

The Astronomical League is a member supported and member driven 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Because of people like you, the League can offer the programs and benefits that enhance your experience under the stars. 

Why not give back to the avocation that has given so much to you?

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