Mars is here – are you ready to battle the god of war?

This apparition of Mars has begun.  It is still a bit small, and still a morning object (yawn), but now is the time to start honing your skills to meet the demands of the Mars Observing Program.  The Astronomical League developed this observing program to take advantage of Mars’ closest approach (opposition in July).  To accomplish the requirements, you need to begin observing as soon as possible.  Some requirements may take some time to acquire.  If you miss this opposition of Mars, the next one is in 2020.

The Mars Observing Program can be found on the alphabetical listing of observing programs under the Observe dropdown menu, or you can go directly there:  This is a challenging observing program but we are hopeful that many of you will accept and conquer the challenge.  We look forward to reviewing your accomplishments.  It is time to “go to Mars.”  Join us on this journey.

Aaron Clevenson – Coordinator

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