NASA’s Planetary Data System (PDS) Looking for some feedback

We partner with NASA on a number of our Observing Programs.  Although this is not a formal partnership, it might be of interest to some of you.  IF so, please jump on it.  They would greatly value your help.     – Aaron


We have something a little out of the ordinary – a request for your feedback from the team at NASA’s Planetary Data System (PDS) . The PDS is where NASA spacecraft data and images are archived for access by researchers and the public. Some of you may be familiar with it already and some may not have explored it yet. Here is your opportunity to give your opinion and help NASA improve the PDS. See below.  -Dolores

The Planetary Data System (PDS) is kicking off a User Study as a follow-on to the PDS Survey and next steps towards our Data Services Initiative. This Initiative and User Study are integral parts of enhancing the ways that we can serve you, our planetary science community. More specifically, we are looking for volunteers to help us get a better understanding of our how our community currently uses the PDS, but also how we can improve to meet your needs. The study will include individual interviews/discussions (~45-60 minutes), and some future help with playing around with some of the ideas we put together. We are looking for folks across pretty much any domain and experience level that interacts with the PDS including, but not limited to: Scientists, Tool developers, Data providers (R&A, missions, local data dictionary stewards), Educators, Students, International partners, Amateur astronomers, Discipline Node personnel, and NASA Management.

If you would like to help, please send an email to stating which of the above groups you fall into (this could be more than one), and we will reach out to plan next steps. Thank you in advance for your assistance and helping us better understand our community, so we can improve the PDS to meet your needs and further scientific exploration.

For more technical details:

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