Observing Program Announcement: New Observing Program Coordinators

These Observing Programs have new Coordinators: Solar System , Arp Peculiar Galaxies – Northern Skies, Arp Peculiar Galaxes – Southern Skies, Galaxy Groups and Clusters, and Local Galaxy Group and Neighborhood.  Please join me in welcoming the new coordinators, and thanking all those who volunteered to help.


Read on for details…


A special thank you to everyone who threw their name into the ring to help as Observing Program Coordinators.  This happens about once a year, and thankfully we had more people offer to help the Astronomical League than open positions.


The new Coordinators are:

  • Solar System Observing Program – Chuck Allen
  • Arp Peculiar Galaxies (Northern and Southern) Observing Programs – Marie Lott
  • Galaxy Groups and Clusters Observing Program – Russ Pinizzotto
  • Local Galaxy Group and Neighborhood Observing Program – Mark Simonson

Welcome to the team.

We hope many of you will volunteer to be coordinators the next time we have a need.

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