Observing Program Announcement: Observing Manual Updates

The Observing Program Division of the Astronomical League is working closely with the AL Store to bring you updated observing manuals.  Some manuals are currently under revision, but quite a few have been reissued.  These are the manuals that have been re-released:

  • A Pathway to the Stars – A new guide specifically aimed at the new observers.  It is a companion guide to the Constellation Hunter Observing Programs and the Beyond Polaris Observing Program.
  • Carbon Stars – Detailed information on the stars that are included in the Carbon Star Observing Program.  All the information you need when observing these celestial jewels.
  • Galaxy Groups and Clusters – A guide to the very deep sky splendor of distant galaxies.  Images and charts to help the astronomer find these elusive targets.
  • Globular Clusters – A guide to the objects in the Globular Cluster Observing Program.  All the details that an astronomer needs to study and observe these beautiful objects.
  • Jupiter Observer’s Guide – Done working closely with the A.L.P.O. Jupiter Section.  Contains information that explains the glory of the King of the Solar System.  This manual is not associated with a specific AL Observing Program but is valuable in understanding the features that are visible in modest telescopes.
  • Math for Amateur Astronomers – For those who get into it, there is much math to be had in astronomy.  This manual discusses the many different calculations that are useful to amateur astronomers.
  • Meteors – Done working closely with the A.L.P.O. Meteor Section.  Information on how to observe and report these fleeting members of our solar system family.
  • Planteary Nebulae – Details and images of the objects in the Planetary Nebula Observing Program.  A great companion for the astronomer pursuing these beautiful objects.
  • Sky Puppies – These manuals and workbooks are not available through the Store but directly through the Sky Puppy Coordinator.  This program written for those young astronomers 10 years old and younger is free to members and non-members of the AL through a generous grant from the NASA Solar System Educational Consortium.
  • Universe Sampler – An introduction to the splendors of the Universe. Not sure what type of objects are your favorites, or how to start observing, this guide provides the help you need.
  • Visual Astronomical Observing Journal – A journal for the observer to record information about their visual observations.  Each one can hold roughly 100 observations and is ideal for recording observations related to each of the Observing Programs.

And there are more to come…

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