Observing Program Announcement: Observing Program Proposals 2020

During the Council Meeting at the AL Convention each summer, the Council reviews and considers adoptions of new Observing Programs.  If you have an idea that you would like to propose, now is the time to pitch it to the Observing Program Directors.  If you have a proposal, please contact Aaron Clevenson, at aaron@clevenson.org and let’s get things moving.

Not all proposals are accepted by the Ccouncil.  The role of the Observing Program Directors is to help you get your proposal together, give you advice on it, and to position you as well as possible for success at the Council Meeting.  Possible outcomes are:

  • Adoption of the proposal.
  • Adoption of the proposal with modifications.
  • Adoption of the proposal pending with some additional work required.
  • Postponement of the adoption until a future Council Meeting.
  • Nonadoption of the proposal.
  • If the Observing Program Directors do not think a proposal will be successful, we will council you and possible suggest you withdraw it.

To be adopted, all proposals must go through the proposal process.  Information on that process and that documents are required can be found on the web page:  https://www.astroleague.org/new-observing-program-proposal

The first step in that process is to discuss it with the Observing Program Directors.  Proposals should be additive to the Observing Program Division at the Astronomical League.  This means that they need to be educational and go beyond the existing Observing Program offerings.  More of the same, or “just a new list of objects” do not meet that criteria.

More information about the Observing Program Division at the AL can be found on the web page:  https://www.astroleague.org//observing.html


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