Observing Program Division Announcement – Coordinators Needed

It is once again time to search for Coordinators for some of our Observing Programs.  Although the list of open positions may grow, currently we are looking for members who are interested and willing to help as an Observing Program Coordinator.  We will begin the selection process in January 2023, but you may submit your name and for which Coordinator roles you are interested to Aaron Clevenson, Observing Program Director, at any time: aaron@clevenson.org.

These Observing Programs and Awards are in need of a new Coordinator:

  • Bennet Observing Program
  • Galileo’s TOES Certification
  • Galileo’s TOES-II Certification
  • Jupiter Observing Program
  • Mentor Award
  • NASA Observing Challenge Certification
  • Solar Eclipse Special Observing Award – 2024 (planned, not yet approved)
  • Solar Neighborhood Observing Program
  • and potentially others…

The Job Description for an Observing Program Coordinator can be found at:  


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