Survey: Stargazing at Illinois state parks.

Dear Illinois Astronomical League members and friends, and those who live in the neighboring states of Illinois:

In an e-mail conversation with Chicago Astronomical Society President Audrey Fischer, Elizabeth Norden of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has requested input from the Illinois Astronomy community.

If this is something in which you’d like to participate, please fill in the survey below  email to:

Elizabeth Norden
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
(312) 814-3161

Thank you,

Robert Gadbois
Chicago Astronomical Society


Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Illinois State Parks: Stargazing Evaluation Form 2014

1. At what Illinois state park do you stargaze?

2. What is the best location at the park from which to stargaze?

3. What existing elements at the park enhance stargazing?

4. What impediments exist to stargazing from the park?

5. How does the security lighting at the park affect stargazing?

6. In your opinion, what specific infrastructure at the park could be altered to

provide enhanced stargazing opportunities?

7. Is there a local stargazer organization associated with the park?

8. Have you previously held events at the park and/or worked with the site

superintendent/interpreter to promote stargazing? If yes, please describe.


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