Youth Astro-Images! Enter your favorite shot into the 2016 Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging competition!

Youth   astro-imagers!   Enter   your   favorite   shot   into  the  2016 Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging competition!

Are you 18 years or younger and do you enjoy the challenges of astro-imaging, whether it  be using a  smart  phone,  a  hand  held  digital  camera,  or  a  telescope CCD imager? Have you captured an astro-image that you are particularly proud of?

Why  not  enter  your  image  into  the  Astronomical  League’s  Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging competition? After  all, the first  place winner  receives $1000,  second place $500, and third place $250!

Submitted   images   can   be  of   any  astronomical   themed  subject   –  an   interesting perspective of  a  planet,  a  captivating lunar  crater,  a  wondrous  deep  sky object,  or  a wide field scene of the sky at night.

For all the details and rules of the competition, please see al/awards/horkhmr/horkhmrs.html. The entry deadline is March 31, 2016.

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