ALCON ’24 – Imaging Competition

League vice-president, Chuck Allen, will be conducting an astrophotography competition on behalf of the ASKC at our national convention in Kansas City. Winners will receive three-inch engraved medals and accompanying certificates. Here are samples of the medals awarded at a recent regional convention:

Competitions will be held in five categories as follows:

  • Deep Sky (>500 mm focal length; no solar system)
  • Solar System (>500 mm focal length)
  • Rich Field (201-500 mm focal length)
  • Wide Field (up to 200 mm focal length)
  • Art and Sketching

Images will be voted on by convention attendees using anonymous ballots distributed in registration packages. Voters will be asked to select and rank their top three images in each category. Zipf’s Law will be used to accumulate points (1 point for a first-place vote, 1/2 point for a second-place vote, 1/3 point for a third-place vote). Up to 5 images may be entered per category, but each image stands alone in the voting. 

Instructions will be conspicuously posted by 9 am on Thursday. Here is the competition schedule:

  • Image registration begins at 9 am on THURSDAY
  • Images must be on display by 9 am on FRIDAY
  • Voting takes place from 9 am to 3 pm on FRIDAY  

Awards will be presented at the banquet on Saturday evening. If you have any questions, please contact Chuck at 

Best of luck!

– Chair, ALCon ‘24 

To see the flyer, click here.

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