Launch of our new website

Welcome to the new Astronomical League website!

We are excited to announce that the Astronomical League website has undergone a complete platform change and upgrade. The upgrade included the migration of years-worth of pages, articles, images, custom code, and data from the previous website.  As with any project of this magnitude, there will be some ongoing issues that we intend to address. For your awareness, we will keep a list on known issues in this article.

Why are we releasing the website with known issues?

The previous version of the Astronomical League website is a highly customized and complex solution that was written on a platform that is undergoing a major architectural change. The website  was going to require an entire rewrite of the software to accommodate the changes being dictated by the platform upgrade. Many of the functions of the previous website were broken over time, leaving us with a website that was difficult to update and maintain. The new version of the Astronomical League website, while still needing some work, is in a stable enough state for us to release and use. With that said, please pardon out appearance as we work though the remaining issues.

Known Issues

Society / Club information

The Society / Club information is not visible at the moment. The information in the previous version of the website was out of date and we were unable to update it. Rather than launch the new website with outdated / incorrect information, we opted to keep it offline until each Societies information can be confirmed and updated. Your information will be made visible as we make corrections.

Broken Links, missing bookmarked pages

With the migration to the new platform also came a drastic change in web page naming conventions. For this reason, your bookmarked pages may show as “missing”. If you have bookmarked a web page that is not available on the new website, please search for the page in the search box on the right side of this page and update your bookmark with the new link. If you cannot find the page that you are looking for, please fill out THIS FORM.

What to do if you notice a problem with our website

If you notice incomplete, incorrect, or missing information on our website, please fill out THIS FORM. Your request will be sent to our web team for processing. We appreciate your help!


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