March AL Live

AL LIVE! March 1, 2024, 7 p.m. EST     Click here for the announcement. (

Astronomical League Facebook: Astronomical.League

Chuck Allen: 

“Seeing Faster-Than-Light Objects

and Other Perspectives on Distance”

Props are used to initiate discussion of the distances covered, or likely to be covered, by space exploration. We’ll explore the limits of naked eye vision and of amateur and professional telescopes. We’ll then examine the four horizons of our observable universe, looking at the causes and effects of horizons and the ability of photons to reach us from regions receding from us faster than light. And if you feel small at the end, I have a cure for that too.

Chuck Allen is vice-president and past-president of the Astronomical League. He founded the National Young Astronomer Award in 1991, received the 1998 G. R. Wright Award for service, holds the League’s Master Outreach Award with nearly 600 public programs logged, and is a gold level Master-Observer with 43 programs completed. Chuck coordinates three League Observing Programs and co-chaired ALCon ’21 Virtual during COVID. He is past president of the Louisville Astronomical Society and current Program Director for the Evansville Astronomical Society.

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