Observing Program Division Announcement – Southern Herschel 400

The Herschel 400 certification now allows the use of remote telescopes.

Do you live south of the equator? Are you stuck because some of the Herschel 400 objects are too far north for you to observe them? We have just published a new Observing option to solve that issue: The Southern Herschel 400 Supplemental Observing List. The list has 150 new objects that may be combined with at least 250 objects from the original Herschel 400 Target List (for a total of 400 observations). This certification may be used to replace the Herschel 400 certification in the Master Observer Progression.

While you may earn two certificates, a pin will be award ONLY for the first one..

For more information on how to earn this new certificate, go to the Herschel 400 web page:


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