Observing Program Division Information – Award Approval

Many of the Astronomical League Observing Programs have multiple types of certifications.  Many of these allow for an officer of a local astronomical society to review and approve the member’s work.  If you are a person approving the work and submitting an email to the Coordinator, it is critical that you tell the Coordinator which type of certification is being requested:

  • Binocular – all observations were done with binoculars or naked-eye.
  • Manual – all observations were done manually.
  • Imaging – all observations were done using imaging.
  • A Combination – observations were done through mixed methods.

Be sure that the member has met all of the requirements.  Some Observing Programs have different and specific requirements that must be met.  If in doubt, please check the web page for that Observing Program or contact the Coordinator.

Thanks for your support of these observing activities.

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