Your Help Needed – All of you

The Database Managers and the Webmaster have been working very hard to clean up the on-line Observing Programs awards database.  We have reached the point where we need help from all of you who have earned awards.  Please send any corrections or issues to Aaron Clevenson at

Please check your listing of awards by starting on this page:  Keep the search parameters as simple as possible.

We are looking for these issues:

  • Spelling errors in your first or last name.
  • Alternate spellings of your first or last name.
  • Use of nicknames.
  • Inconsistencies such as Middle Initial vs. Initial is missing.
  • Missing awards.
  • Awards in your name that are not yours…
  • If you have a child in the database as well as yourself, we want to be sure that each of you get recognition for your own awards.  Suffixes such as “, JR.” are a good way to do this.
  • Anything else that is inconsistent or incorrect.
  • We plan to correct all errors in the database.

We are also working on standardization, so keep these things in mind.

  • We prefer to NOT use honorifics as prefixes.
  • We prefer to NOT use suffixes associated with titles or honors.
  • Nicknames can be used for first names if appropriate.
  • First initials, middle initials or middle names may be used.

Name changes and Society changes:

  • If your name has legally changed, and you want the awards shown under your new name, this we will do.
  • If you have switched to a new society, we do NOT change the name as it appears on your previous awards.  We always show the name of the Society in which the award was earned.

Please do this as soon as possible.  Thank you for your help.

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