Astronomical League Bylaws and Standing Resolutions

Article III. Council

Section 1. Function

The affairs of the League shall be managed by the Council, as provided for in these Bylaws and the Standing Resolutions which Article III, Section 6 prescribes.

Section 2. Membership

The Council shall consist of: 1) The Chair of each Region; 2) The Regional Representative of each Region; 3) The Executive Committee; 4) The immediate past-President as provided for in Article Il, Section 4.a.; 5) A representative of the Western Amateur Astronomers.

Section 3. Terms

Regional Representatives shall be elected by the Regional Conventions or Regional Council in such a manner as to hold office for three (3) years in a staggered arrangement as directed by the Council. The terms of one-third (1/3) of these members shall expire each year.

Section 4. Quorum

In order to pass any resolution, motion, appropriations, or any other matter requiring action in a Council session, a majority vote of the members present shall be necessary, except for matters requiring a larger vote as provided for in these Bylaws or by common law. The presence of two-fifths (2/5) of the members of the Council, not counting the immediate past-President, shall constitute a quorum, provided that at least three (3) regions are represented.

Section 5. Substitutes

Council members, other than the President, who are unable to attend the Council meeting, may be represented by proxy. A written statement designating the substitute and signed by the respective council member, is necessary before the proxy may be seated. The Regional Chair may also assign the proxy for an absent regional Representative. Proxies may not be assigned by a proxy holder. No person may vote more than one proxy at Council. Proxy holders are subject to the fiducuary obligations of Council members.

Section 6. Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures of the League or its activities shall be defined by Standing Resolutions:
  1. Standing Resolutions shall be passed by the full Council when and only when it is in open session at a national convention.
  2. No Standing Resolution shall be adopted which conflicts with these Bylaws.
  3. Standing Resolutions shall be in force from the time they are passed until they are revoked by the full Council in open session at a national convention.
  4. The Bylaws and Standing Resolutions notebook shall be the property of the Astronomical League and at least one per Council Member shall be made available at each convention.

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