Astronomical League Bylaws and Standing Resolutions

Article IX. Regions and Regional Activities

Section 1.

Regions shall be established by the Council.

Section 2.

A Regional Council shall conduct the business and administer the affairs of each Region and shall perform such other duties as prescribed by itself. Such Council shall consist of the Regional officers, the Regional Representative to the National Council, the President, or his/her proxy, of each member society and a society representative from each member society within said region, and a representative of the members-at-large within said region.

Section 3.

The Regional Officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and/or Treasurer. They shall be elected by the members present at the Regional Convention, or if none is held, by the Regional Council, for terms of not more than two (2) years. The Regional officers shall be empowered to act on behalf of the Regional Council, and with its full authority, on matters, other than the election of Regional officers, which require its attention when the Regional Council is unable to meet.

Section 4.

Regional Convention may be held annually in each Region and shall be conducted by one or more societies or groups of members within that Region at a time and place designated by the Regional Convention of prior year(s), or by the Regional Council when in session, or the majority vote of the Regional officers.

Section 5.

A Regional Business Meeting and a Regional Council Meeting may be held annually at the Regional Convention. Provisions shall be made for the Regional Council to vote on matters by mail, if necessary, in lieu of a Regional Convention.

Section 6.

All action taken by a Regional Business or Council Meeting or the Regional officers shall be by a majority vote, except as provided by the Regional Constitution.

Section 7.

Each region shall elect a regional representative to the League Council as provided for in Article III, Section 3.

Section 8.

Financial assistance shall be available to the individual regions according to the rules set forth in Standing Resolution #3.

Section 9.

The Regional Chair or Representative may be removed from office prior to completion of his/her term by either of the following means:
  1. As specified in the region's constitution or bylaws, or
  2. By a majority vote of Council following a petition to remove the individual. Such petition must be signed by the presidents of two member societies within the region or by three members of the Executive Committee and delivered to the Executive Secretary. The petition will be submitted to Council vote only after due investigation by the President. If the Council votes to remove the individual, the President may appoint an acting Chair or Regional Representative to fill the position until an election is held following the normal procedures of the region.

Section 10.

If elections for Regional Chairman and/or Regional Representatives are not conducted as prescribed by Article III, Section 3, and Article IX, Section 3 of these bylaws, the President may (a) appoint a Regional Chairman and/or Representative to serve until the next Regional election and/or (b) direct the League Secretary to assist the Region in soliciting nominations and in financing and conducting elections in that Region.

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