Astronomical League Bylaws and Standing Resolutions

Article VIII. Meetings

Section 1.

The League business meeting shall be held annually at the place of, and during the period of, the national convention. The exact time and place will be stipulated by the Executive Committee. Twenty (20) delegates shall constitute a quorum, provided that at least five (5) Member Societies are present. Delegates may cast their votes for each Member Society as a unit or in parts as instructed by their respective society.

Section 2.

The Council shall be in regular session during the period of, and at the place of, the national convention. The President shall fix the time of such meeting with sufficient notice so that the Secretary can and will transmit this information to Council members at least thirty (30) days prior to the convention. During this session, the Secretary shall, in accordance with Article II, Section 4.c, submit the minutes of any Executive Committee or Council sessions held since the last national convention.

Section 3.

Any member may have business brought before the Council in regular session by having petitioned, either orally or in writing, a Council member from the region in which he/she (they) resides to do so in his/her behalf. If said Council member deems necessary, the member(s) with business before the Council may then address the group directly, subject to Council approval. Proposals or issues to be brought before the Council or Executive Committee for action between national conventions shall be submitted to the President in writing.

Section 4.

The Executive Committee shall meet at the place of, and during the time of, the scheduled regular session of the Council until such time as a quorum of Council members is present. The presence of three (3) of its members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.

The Executive Committee may hold additional meetings or conduct business by mail as called by the President or by petition to the President of a majority of the Executive Committee. Business to be conducted by mail will be transmitted in writing by the Executive Secretary to each Executive Committee member, who shall return his/her written vote to the Executive Secretary within ten (10) days. The Executive Secretary shall, in turn, transmit the result, in writing, to the Executive Committee members within an additional thirty (30) days and to the full Council at or before its next regular session.

Section 6.

The Council may hold additional meetings or conduct business by mail, as called by the President or by petition to the President of a majority of either the Council or the Executive Committee. Mail business shall be conducted according to Section five (5) of this article, except that the results shall be transmitted to all Council members within thirty (30) days.

Section 7.

The parliamentary authority for operation of all League meetings shall be Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The President or his/her appointee shall serve as parliamentarian for interpretation and administration of these rules.

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